I am into education and software development, both at the same time whenever possible.

Currently, I use my passion for education and technology as a consultant at Unify Consulting to support clients who are looking to modernize their systems and move to the cloud or to take advantage of the plethora of available cloud services.

I have worked in all 3 major clouds and have created web, desktop, and mobile applications in C#, VB.NET, Java, Python, and Node.js – I speak waaaaay more programming languages than people languages (though I’m not sure what that says about me)…

And yes, I like vests. They warm your core and give you a full range of motion for your arms. These guns need their freedom… Plus, they can carry a lot of stuff in the pocket – like a man-purse.

And hey – we’re always looking for good consultants! Take a look at the Unify career page or reach out to me directly on one of the platforms listed below.

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In Progress: Pro .NET on AWS (Apress)

.NET on Amazon Web Services helps developers choose the best combination of services from AWS to host their application, how to extend their application’s functionality through calling AWS services from within their application, and best practices for building and securing modern distributed .NET applications in the cloud.